Dear European Steel Players.

After the very succesfull last steel meeting in 2016, we decided to organize another event for 2018.   This year it takes place on the 11th, 12th & 13th of May and the 1st of May in Fagagna, a small town in the north-east of Italy in the region Friuli.
Italy, the land of good and delicious food and wine, cosyness, nice weather and friendly people.
It will be a 3 days event where steelplayers from all over Europe will meet, follow workshops, play together, changing ideas and playing techniques, help to adjust their steels if needed, exchange, sell or buy parts.
The Centro Culturale "Amici della Musica" has again made their villa available, with various rooms where you can play, jam and exchange ideas.   There is no obligation to play, but if you wish you get the opportunity of course!
The purpose of the meeting is to bring steel players of all over Europe together in a pleasant, cosiness and relaxed manner.

We will take care of food and accomodation without any profit.
The cost for participation per person is:
     € 100,-- Food&drinks are included
We can provide hotel and B&B rooms for the friday and saturday nights.
Some rooms have already been reserved for sharing and the price are:
     € 27,-- per person for a double bed room per night.
     € 23,-- per person for a triple bed room per night.
     breakfast is included!    You have to pay the costs for the overnight stays at the hotel or B&B

You can bring your partner or another person that accompagnies you that will not participate at the Steel Meeting
We can make additional hotel and B&B reservations in case the number of the already reserved rooms is not sufficient.
The cost for double bed rooms will then be € 30,-- per night per person, also with breakfast included
The partners can also join in with the lunches and diners that we arranged for the participants. at the cost of:
     € 60,-- total, for 2 lunches and 2 dinners

The Steel Meeting will end on Sunday afternoon and most of the participants will probably return home.
If you are from another country and have to travel a long distance and prefer to leave on monday,
we can extend the room reservation.
In case you like to extend your stay in Italy for a short holiday and stay at the same hotel or B&B
we are willing to check if the room will be available for the period you like
Let us know what you like when filling in the registration form.
After we received your registration, we will send you an email with the details for the payment.

The registration period will close on 15 April

Important: We can only make reservations when your participation has been confirmed with your payment

Alcoholicdrinkes are for your own account. You can bring your own, but there are enough bars and restaurants in and around Fagagna.   In fact you will be in one of the most famous wine regions of Friuli in northern Italy, the "Collio" famous for white wine such as "Ramandolo"
Since a lot of european countries are having holidays at the beginning of May, the steel meetingt could also be a nice start for a holiday as well!
Our advice is to contact steel guitar friends to make appointments about travelling together and sharing costs.
Let us also know if you want to share hotel rooms. You can also bring your partner if you wish.
You can fill it out in the application form.

New additional Information will be published on this site andalso be published here on Facebook in the European Steel Guitar group.

We hope to see a lot of you, dear steel players,

With best regards,
Giovanni Santoro, Matteo Strazzolini, Gianni Gori, Eugenio Poppi, Johan Jansen, Ellio Martina.
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